KT Hobbs

Data Scientist @ Statistics Canada
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I currently work as a data scientist for a geospatial data lab within Statistics Canada. I've recently taken a leave from this position to focus on Charity Entrepreneurship's Research Training Program where we have worked on several projects investigating new charity ideas and current charity operations. The program emphasized building acuity for developing theories of change, conducting cost-effectiveness analyses, designing weighted factor models for decision-making, and performing evidence reviews.

How others can help me

Advice on skill-building and other insights for prioritization research. Happy to simply have a conversation on general EA topics as well :) 

How I can help others

Questions relating to working in (federal) government, geospatial data science, taking a masters in data science, CE's Research Training Program, attending EA Global conferences.


Hi Rosie,

Thank you for taking the time to review and for the correction! I have updated the table in Section 7.1 to reflect this estimation reported in FP's BOTEC.