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I'm currently a Ph.D. student in philosophy (ethics). Is there anything I can do in my studies to prepare for this kind of career? Can this sort of work be done remotely or mostly in offices in major cities?

Some questions that come to mind:

1-- Are women who wish to speak during events given equal (de facto) opportunity to speak? (Of course they are given equal formal opportunity, but as I saw in my postgrad program, group sessions that favour more typically 'masculine' ways of engaging in dialogue-- favouring assertiveness and competitiveness-- would tend to leave the women in my program alienated). 2-- Could the gender difference in jobs and education and its relation to the sorts of activities EA emphasises play a part? 3-- Do women feel uncomfortable at events for any other reason? If they did, would it be in such a way that they could or would report it on a survey? 4-- Would the amount of women in leadership positions alter this? 5-- Have similar surveys been conducted with people of different races and ethnic backgrounds?