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From an OG aid-industry insider:

People have been trying to fix development aid since the 80s, and failing miserably. The reality is that very little development aid is effective. Govt-to-govt aid is largely mismanaged and wasted. Targeted aid projects are often ill-conceived. Much of aid, especially US aid, is tied to the donor country's political aims. Most people who work for large aid organizations such as the UN/UNICEF/Save the Children/etc. are jaded and mainly care about advancing their own career and their own kids' schooling.

Most people I've met in development have a big ego, think they are so smart, write complex, bureaucratic analyses and reports, and pretend that their work is effective.

What the underdeveloped world needs (and wants) is business and investment, not aid. Forget about aid and start a business in Africa, or working with Africans instead.

The idea of starting an EA-inspired lobbying group or think tank makes me want to throw up. It is only adding to the bloated, fake do-gooder, ultimately self-interested bureaucratic swamp.

The OP is 100% right. People are less attractive because jaws and faces are narrower; and they don't sleep well because their nasal passages are too narrow. This negatively impacts the well-being of millions--perhaps billions-- of people.