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Hi Max, Writing because I have the experience of full recovery after a few months of RSI conditions. I notice your post does not contain any mentions towards investigating the alternate possibility of TMS Syndrome (which is what finally worked for me). Are you aware of it?

- The Harvard RSI Action group has some good starter resources on TMS approach. 

-The London RSI support group, that i briefly attended, itself recommended looking into TMS alternative and they can vouch for many people that got permanently cured from RSI symptoms.

-I myself very strongly suggest anyone suffering from this give a very serious dive into TMS alternative. Though i am not a health professional, i have read a lot on both approaches and find there is far more scientific backing on TMS theory than on RSI theory, even if there is more of an industry developed around the latter.

Feel free to ask for any further info! 

On a side note i'm surprised this isn't a bigger or more researched topic as workplace disability is a major issue affecting productivity.