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It leaves me with a wondering feeling about the questions yet to be asked and how to create the conditions for many more people worldwide to be able to ask themselves these relevant questions. 

Hi Everyone!
I'm excited about joining the forum and I'm grateful for having the time to navigate and read this storehouse of reflection. I'm enjoying the EA handbook and have listened to many podcasts.

I'm an Argentinian psychologist with over eight years of experience working with civil society organizations (from grassroots groups, national CSOs, and regional networks).

I've worked in research, program management, and mental health support. In research, I’m stronger in qualitative methodologies and have had fantastic experiences with participatory and peer-to-peer methodologies.  I’ve worked in mental health as a clinician and supporting/accompanying activists and victims of human rights violations.

I've devoted most of my time to advancing deinstitutionalization: changing systems that rely on large institutions (orphanages,  asylums, etc.) for '''''care''''' provision.

I've practiced vipassana meditation since 2016, and I lack the words (although if you ask I might go on speaking for hours :P) to state how much I've learned and continue to learn from my practice and service.

I've experienced many significant changes to my thinking, worldviews, and even ways of experiencing life. I embrace the idea of the 'middle point' as not losing the possibility to grasp any of the extremes.

I've suffered a lot -from physical and 'moral' pain- (I'm interested in the difference between pain and suffering), and I found a path to live a happy life when it all seemed dark.

I'm interested in consciousness studies and individual suffering as well as its social determinants and social change.

I love moving and enjoy standing in different places to experience diverse worldviews and thinking. Coming from a poor background in the global south, I find EA developments thought-provoking.

Looking forward to engaging with this community!

Hi! I'm pretty new to EA. I can think of a few examples from my work experience that resonate with EA. 

I'm interested in systemic change where the response to a social issue produces more harm than good. Two sound examples are deinstitutionalization and drug policies.

Speaking from Latin America, the institutionalization of children and people with psycho-social disabilities is not only harmful to people's rights, but it's a drain of resources (it's an expensive response that doesn't solve any problems, but exacerbates them) and perpetuates harm in the long term (creating the need for further specialized support to revert the consequences). It's nonsense. 

I also think of organizations advocating for drug policy reform since the 'war on drugs' has cost billions and caused more deaths than drug use. 

These examples of systemic reforms, for their focus on doing good better and considering the long-term sound EA aligned to me.