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The Meetup Cookbook (Fantastic Group Resource)

Super useful thanks! Tangential point: broken link for "What is Effective Altruism", I'm curious to see what it look(ed) like if anyone has a link :)

2Aaron Gertler3yThanks for the note! Looks like the domain expired a few days ago; I replaced the link with an archived version of the site.
Latest Research and Updates for October

Awesome! Thanks for this David :) I would say that this seems really useful, and that posting here sounds like a good option. It also enables people / orgs to add things you potentially missed as comments.

Improving the Effectiveness of Effective Altruism Outreach

Hi Gleb! Thought your blog post was really interesting, thanks! :) A few comments:

1) It maybe needs more precise/concrete advice. As someone trying to build up EA movements where it is practically inexistent, I found your points interesting but lacking specific ideas of what I should do to improve.

2) On a related note, jclifton333's 3rd point relating to how to invest in our advocacy abilities really needs to be explored more. If you feel that your backgroud in "marketing, education and outreach" gave you experience and ideas on how to develop ... (read more)

-1Gleb_T6yLaura, thanks for that feedback, really helpful! For point 1, telling stories, this is why I included a link to my post as a way of illustrating a concrete example of how to tell stories. For point 2, regarding developing soft skills, I'd suggest looking into Motivational Interviewing as an effective, research-based way of engaging with people in a soft form while still pursuing advocacy: [] For point 3, I hear what you're saying and I think I'm speaking more in terms of the most return on investment if we are investing resources into outreach. Doesn't mean that outreach to religious people should not be done, of course, it's just less likely to yield such high returns.