EA France cofounder, now focused mostly on (AI) policy


♥️ that's great taste!

Didn't read through all comments so unsure if this was suggested already, but could the karma / agree votes be located at the bottom of comments rather than at the top (or both)? For very long comments (especially in gnarly threads) it's a pain to scroll up to agree/disagree vote, and it incentivises liking based on the author or first few lines rather than reading through.

+1, also sharing this with people seeking advice from me (and other "mentors") and finding it very helpful, for basically the same reasons. Thanks!

Extremely helpful, thanks for this Zoe! Would it be possible to add the author's name to each summary, to avoid the extra click to check it out?

Super useful thanks! Tangential point: broken link for "What is Effective Altruism", I'm curious to see what it look(ed) like if anyone has a link :)

Awesome! Thanks for this David :) I would say that this seems really useful, and that posting here sounds like a good option. It also enables people / orgs to add things you potentially missed as comments.

Hi Gleb! Thought your blog post was really interesting, thanks! :) A few comments:

1) It maybe needs more precise/concrete advice. As someone trying to build up EA movements where it is practically inexistent, I found your points interesting but lacking specific ideas of what I should do to improve.

2) On a related note, jclifton333's 3rd point relating to how to invest in our advocacy abilities really needs to be explored more. If you feel that your backgroud in "marketing, education and outreach" gave you experience and ideas on how to develop these "soft" skills, I would be interested in hearing about it :)

3) I also disagree a little on the secular preference (i.e. spending time/money resources on appealing to a secular audience). I think the focus is different but not less important in one case or the other. For instance, maybe insisting on (a) the "altruism" aspect for those rationality-inclined, and (b) the "effective" aspect for those who, through religion or personal inclination, already get the "moral obligation to be an altruist", could yield better results than just concentrating on (a).