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Earning to Save (Give 1%, Save 10%)

On the feeling good about yourself: One way that helped me is to separate the donation money out while saving up for my runway - so I 'donated' 10% to a budget in my personal finance spreadsheet, whilst saving about the same percentage in my savings budget - basically committing the money to donations whilst keeping it as a backup for rainy days on my bank account. Once both budgets add up to a 6 month runway (or however long someone thinks they need), you can start donating from the donation budget (+the extra 10% each month). Personally this helped me a lot with the psychological "but I said I would donate 10%" and stopped me from spending the money on other things - whilst being able to take the donation money for runway if I would have needed to do so. The percentages might be too high for some people, but overall I've found this way of framing my savings quite useful psychologically.

Updates from the Global Priorities Institute and how to get involved
We’ve set up the Parfit and Atkinson Scholarship programmes for graduate students in economics and philosophy to come to Oxford and work on global priorities research topics through the DPhil programme. We’re also offering prizes for students already studying a DPhil at Oxford (in either economics or philosophy) to do the same.

For those PhD students who might not be eligible for the scholarships/prizes because they are not at Oxford University, note that the Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research has just opened applications for the Global Priorities Fellowship for both - economics and philosophy students.