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This is not an object-level comment, but great to see you on the Forum, JueYan!

As the friend in question, I would like to second Gemma's comment and endorse the idea that EA should take engagement with disability more seriously.

This is just a comment to say how much Sam's colleagues appreciate him, and how much he has added to Open Philanthropy over the last year.

OK, but we should legit have an EAGxKampala.  (Or possibly Kigali or Nairobi or Dar, but EAGxEast Africa.)

Marginal costs, and yes, you are completely correct.

Life satisfaction for people with disabilities has been well studied.  It is lower than people without disabilities (in most cases), but is not zero.

(A handful of sources to start with: paper on disabled people in Germany that shows happiness recovers after disability, paper on Spanish people with intellectual disabilities shows they are largely satisfied with their lives, the average life satisfaction of people with disabilities in Northern Ireland is 7/10, across EU member states it's between 6.2 and 7 out of ten.)

You're right; I misread Susannah's tweet (and read the "ever" bar as "in school").

Re. the Wikipedia article: those are ever harassed numbers; the Zambia number is within the last year.  Assuming that sexual harassment is spread across all grades (K-12), "within the last year" (81/12) would be ~7% (which is how I got a quarter of the 26% I quote, though you're right that I was misreading the tweet).  Upon further thought, dividing by 12 is a little aggressive, since sexual harassment is more likely in last six years of that (grades 6-12), so say, 15% risk per year.

Lee and Susannah have a longer blog post in which they examine sexual violence in schools, and find somewhat higher rates of sexual violence in developing countries than developed.

Qualitatively, my impression is that what counts as "the kind of violence you'd remember and report in surveys" is a significantly lower bar in the US than in SSA.  (I once tried to report being harassed in Uganda, and got completely blank looks like "this is normal, why are you are complaining".). But I don't have data to hand to back that up beyond my own experience.

(Edited to add: I edited my comment above to be correct.)

I agree with this comment.  While less than 0.5% of American students face corporal punishment at school, some 70% of African students do.  In school deaths are not incredibly uncommon. 

26% of Zambian girls have been sexually abused in the last year.  About 10% of Zambian boys and girls report having been sexually harassed at school within the last month.

Is it possible for visit for a shorter time than 12 weeks?

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