AMA: Leah Edgerton, Executive Director of Animal Charity Evaluators

Is there any one thing you think that EAA and AA organisations can focus on or should focus on which would significantly improve the impactfulness of the movement as a whole?

AMA: Leah Edgerton, Executive Director of Animal Charity Evaluators

Alot of EAA focus in regards to resource seem to be on more developed countries like USA and UK leaving many other countries neglected despite the fact that they also have high meat consumption e.g. China, India, South Africa etc. What do you think are the most effective ways we can try to expand the movement internationally. Do you think this should be tackled by existing EAA organisations or new localised organisations?

Also thank you for agreeing to do this talk!

Introducing Animal Advocacy Careers

Hey Kyle, sorry for the delay.

It's great that you are considering this career and i hope we can support you more on this journey, part of the problem at the moment is we aren't confident in knowing how people should prepare for this career most effectively. This is why we are trialling a number of things this year to make better informed decisions in the future.

We should be offering some form of assistance to individuals later this year in regards to research and advise on what skills could be useful to develop or also training so i would advise you signed up for our newsletter and up to date with what we are doing in case you find it useful in future. In regards to remotely this is unknown at this point but we aim to be as accessible as possible.

Problem analysis of the talent bottleneck in EAA's

@michael Sorry my initial reply didn't seem to go through on this.

Unfortunately this was just a preliminary study looking to identify which skills were needed by the majority and we didn't go into greater granularity than prioritising skill sets individuals could have which would benefit both the individual organisations and secondly the animal movement as a whole (the later is where the majority voted for economist skill set) and the inference was for breadth in economics.

It does look like Samara answered in more detail below on how it can be beneficial.

We will be continuing the survey and publishing full results approx 1 month later. From here should economics be a priority skill set we will look to do deeper research and hopefully i will have more details for you. Is there a specific reason for your question and perhaps i can be more helpful in future?

Problem analysis of the talent bottleneck in EAA's

😊 well Thankyou very much for your response and video.

I’d love to speak more with you about this actually and your experience of how your skills have been and good be beneficial to get a better understanding.

As said above unfortunately this was just to understand priority skill gaps so then we can do a deeper dive.

Also anecdotally I’m not sure all organisations would know in detail how someone with your credentials could help them to their full extent.

I would be really interested in speaking to you further if you wouldn’t mind.

Effective animal advocacy movement building: a neglected opportunity?

Hi Alexandria,

I have currently started a project under the charity entrepreneurship incubator; specifically aimed at helping direct more talent into high impact animal charities and organisation.

This is informed by the initial research conducted by Charity Entrepreneurship which concluded what might be the most effective ways to help animal advocacy was to support existing high-impact NGO’s by increasing the funnel of talent to them. I will endeavour to research into this bottleneck and try to understand more about how and why it is affecting these organisation so that we can test out ways to tackle it and hopefully come up with a cost-effective intervention that is scalable.

I am very passionate about supporting productive growth in the EAA and would really like to speak with you to get your thoughts on this and how we could collaborate? Please feel free to contact me at