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EA Forum 2.0 Initial Announcement

Would it be possible to have a 'sort by area' option? To see what people in the local community are writing, reading, commenting on, working on etc. May need location tags or location to be listed in profiles.

Leading from this, will the views each post gets be measured? Is that currently used to rank 'top' posts? Is the ratio of people reading with a hub profile to without a hub profile measured?

EA Forum 2.0 Initial Announcement

Having a quick suggestions/feedback form at the side of the main page or FAQ section may be useful. I've introduced them onto a few other online communities and they've been more popular and used than expected.

Open Thread #41

Lovely meeting you at the EA Hotel Gina :) the importance of this research has been growing on me in the past few weeks, and I’m in full support of your work. Even your short workshop on the topic significantly changed my life (perspectives, behaviour and priorities). I’ll keep an eye and ear out, and just let me know if there’s any way specific way I can help. Also, I’m trying to access the link but it’s broken :(

Projects I'd like to see

There's a Google spreadsheet called the EA Database with hundreds of links, all ordered into categories and subcategories. Do you have access to this?

Introducing the EA Involvement Guide

Thanks for this! It's very useful to have such a detailed list, and on the website too. There's also a post from a few years ago with ideas on how to get involved, perhaps more useful to existing EAs:

80,000 Hours articles aimed at the EA community

Are there any upcoming career profiles to be excited about?

Proposed methodology for leafleting study

Do you have updates on the impact of any recent university leafleting activities?

What is valuable about effective altruism? Implications for community building

There's a website (who's link I'm trying to find) of EA related tasks ranging from 2 minutes to a few hours that could be used in a discussion/hackathon meetup. And also effectivealtduism.orgs new 'Ways to get involved' guide. THINK also has worksheets that cover various issues to use personally or in groups. Is this the type of material you were looking for?

Review of EA New Zealand’s ‘Doing Good Better’ book giveaway

Amazing! How long did it take to give out the 250 books by the way? Did people jump at the chance for a free book, or were only certain people interested?

High Impact Science

Amazing article! Are there any resources available to help identify, prioritise and facilitate opportunities for high-impact science? I'm currently researching cause prioritisation of, and within, biotechnology - especially it's positive applications. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :)

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