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Great! I booked some time with you next week. Looking forward to our conversation. 

Thank you for very good suggestion Peter!

I just launched a very first beta version of http://www.giveinpublic.com/ Right now, the only functionality is that you can track your current donations and embed the dashboard through your socials/website. Would love to get some feedback and see if this is useful for the community. 

Thank you for that feedback! Definitely missed it.

Answer by LaurinJul 07, 20212

Thanks for your feedback everyone. I have been thinking about this over the past days and created a small prototype of how to solve this problem better and why we might want to find a better way to solve it. 

I created a different post in this forum about it here: 


Would love to get your thoughts and continue the discussion there. 


Answer by LaurinJun 30, 20212

There are actually some organisations that have an impact on both. For example burn stoves seem one way that works pretty well (Found them via Founders pledge I believe) 

Would love to stay in touch, I am pretty new to development but I some 'product' experience so would love to exchange ideas and get some feedback from you once I have something down. :) 

Thanks for the insight. I didn't know that the GWWC pledge tracker is something that you can share publicly. I thought it was just your personal dashboard to keep track of it. 

Do you share your GWWC pledge tracker with others or do you keep it private? I'd be curious to hear what your reasons for either option are! 

Very cool project! Would definitely love to have a look at the app itself that you build. If it's not too much work to share it in any way, I would definitely appreciate it. Did you build it in a way in which you can also share the webapp link directly? E.g. via your personal website?

Yeah that is what I have been doing as well, thanks! I am considering building something a bit more sophisticated, would love to get your feedback once I have something more concrete :) 

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