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Local Group Event Idea: EA Community Talks

Thanks for the post!

We'll probably be trying this out at EA Helsinki.

Seeking part-time contractor for Facebook group support

I agree that the discussion in that subreddit is not very good.

Do you think it would be a good idea to encourage EAs in other spaces to upvote a post about this and have it be the most upvoted post on the sub? So people see it when they sort by top of all time. Currently the most upvoted post is at 261, not a lot. 

Reasons against this:

-Vote manipulation or something

-Maybe such a post could leave a negative impression of EA (framing is very important here)

-Such a post could stay in the top even after the subreddit becomes better, although in that case it could just be strikethrough'd with an edit on top saying the post is not relevant any more.


I think that would be good to do in addition to a pinned post.

What are the best articles/blogs on the psychology of existential risk?

This could be relevant:


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hey, thanks for this post! I find it quite nice.