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How meditation has helped my EA mindset

Thanks for the post! I especially enjoyed the mini EA forum literature review aspect of it. 😄

 I personally definitely feel a disconnect between my intellectual understanding and feelings about suffering in the world, and am hoping meditation will help me have my emotions match my understanding more.

Against Negative Utilitarianism

I wonder how one could explain the pleasures of learning about a subject as contentment, relief, or anticipated relief. Maybe they'd describe it as getting rid of the suffering-inducing desire to get knowledge / acceptation from peers / whatever motivates people to learn?

I'm sure it would be possible to find meditators who came to the opposite conclusion about well-being.

If someone reading this happens to know of any I'd be interested to know! I wouldn't be that surprised if they were very rare, since my (layman) impression is that Buddhism aligns well with suffering-focused ethics, and I assume most meditators are influenced by Buddhism.

We need alternatives to Intro EA Fellowships

We've also been toying around with this idea in Helsinki University and Aalto University, haven't done anything concrete yet though.

Can EA leverage an Elon-vs-world-hunger news cycle?

80k has some (short) pointers here: https://80000hours.org/2020/08/ideas-for-high-impact-careers-beyond-our-priority-paths/#become-a-public-intellectual

CGP Grey: The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant

CGP Grey is great! I'm also a fan of exurb1a's channel, they have many videos with EA-adjacent themes. This one sticks out to me as moving EA content: https://youtu.be/n__42UNIhvU

Give Me Career Advice

"Accredited Investors can join Angel Investment Networks and other exclusive communities that provide unique opportunities for high impact."


Can you expand on this, what kinds of opportunities are you thinking of? Funding startups that have potential to do good in an EA sense? Influencing high net worth individuals' donations? Making lots of money to donate?

How do I find people who really don't care about having more money?

Can you give a bit more context about what you're looking for? Is this a thought experiment type of thing? 

Max Roser on building the world's first great source of COVID-19 data at Our World in Data

I think it's great that these are being posted on the forum! I've often found that I'd like to discuss an episode after listening to it, but haven't known of a place with active discussion on it (other than twitter, which feels too scattered to me).

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