Leo Mansfield

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I would like advice on writing a resume and applying to work in an effective career.  I will graduate with an economics bachelor's degree in April. I'm taking many statistics courses. I also took calculus and computer science courses. I live on the west coast of Canada and I am willing to move.

I believe I would be well suited to AI Governance but it may be better currently to find statistics/econometrics work or do survey design (to build general skills until I know more AI Governance people, or switch into a different effective cause area)

I am also open to recommendations for other effective careers. My degree is quite general and I have deliberately avoiding sinking much into AI Governance specifically. I think I have a comparative advantage in AI Governance because my father is a manager of a machine learning research team at Google, that I could potentially influence.

If I don't find an occupation immediately after graduation then I will do local community-building in Cryonics/Life-Extension and take these courses online:

  • Bayesian Statistics (Statistical Rethinking by Richard Mcelreath
  • AI Governance by BlueDot Impact
  •  In-Depth EA program

I would like to do these courses anyway but if I find an occupation then I can do one or two at a time. 

If I find an occupation outside EA then I will focus on learning statistics and other general skills. Then I can better apply these skills once I move into an AI Governance. If the occupation is in government or policy spaces then I will develop relevant social networks. The downside is that I'd be less poised to take opportunities in AI Governance.

I don't know much about finding an occupation in AI Governance. I applied to internships last summer and after being refused I asked the hiring staff what skills I should learn, and read all their recommendations. But I just don't really know what is going on in the AI Governance career path.

I'd appreciate a comment if you know of:

  • guides to writing resumes and job applications (EA-specific)
  • places I should apply to that aren't on the 80000 hours job board.
  • advice on what non-EA work would help me build relevant skills and networks. (or even volunteer projects I could do on my own! I'm not in immediate need of paid work)