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How to get technological knowledge on AI/ML (for non-tech people)

Hi Henry :) Thanks a lot for your kind words - and for sharing your thoughts and resources on the topic! I am very grateful you've  commented on the post as someone with a technological background. Will definitely have a look at them myself as well. 

RE maths: I think I do understand the basics. We had pretty much of that at highschool and the statistics courses included a lot of mathematics as well (especially probabilities). So I agree that you probably need some knowledge here, but maybe this is the reason why I didn't need to go deeper(?)

[Linkpost]: German judges order government to strengthen legislation before end of year to protect future generations

This was a really interesting decision, thanks for highlighting it here! In the meantime it was followed by other courts with similar cases in the Netherlands and Australia.
Also, for people interested in a legal analysis of the decision, together with my colleague Renan Araújo from the Legal Priorities Project I wrote a blog post on the decision for a UK blog.