Predoctoral Research Fellow at the Legal Priorities Project.


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[Creative Writing Contest] The Reset Button

That's outstandingly impactful. I just shared it with a bunch of non-EA friends. Great work!

Legal Priorities Research: A Research Agenda

Thanks for bringing that up! That was unintended, we will work on solving that :)

Introducing the Legal Priorities Project

Thank you for the great suggestions! It is definitely important to keep in mind such an opportunity.  As we are on an early stage, we are currently focusing on developing a strong basis of quality work that will help solidify the reputation of the field. For this reason, we are being careful regarding growing too much in the beginning and are limiting our active search for new collaborators.

Introducing the Legal Priorities Project

Yes, we are considering including nuclear security in our agenda! However, prioritisation is inherently rather selective, and we are focusing on  areas that are both immensely relevant, neglected (which nuclear security might not be as much in relation to others), and tractable. We do plan to include a list of cause areas for further exploration, though. Nuclear security is definitely a promising consideration.