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Hi! If you'd like to chat, feel free to shoot me an email or add me on LinkedIn with a note (oddly I've found the latter to be a lower barrier for people to actually reach out, so there you go).


About me:

I'm currently a research manager in Rethink Priorities' General Longtermism team, where my primary focus involves making sense of how to prioritize among megaprojects and how to operationalize them. Currently (Nov 22), my work leads me to think about scalable movement building in LMIC, which I've been doing with a focus on Brazil and Latin America through Condor Camp.

Previously, I worked as a predoctoral research fellow at the Legal Priorities Project. There, I look into how constitutions protect future generations, what research should be done in space governance, and how extortion law may help reduce s-risks.

In a previous life, I considered following an academic career in criminology, did a master's in criminal justice policy at LSE, led a criminal justice reform volunteer group in Brazil, and earned a law degree.

You can reach out to me through my personal page and my LinkedIn. I'm happy to have 1-1s about various subjects, from career advice to space governance :)


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I think a useful/easy fix could be to change the title to "Neartermism - Longtermism"

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fwiw the problem they're trying to solve, as articulated by them, is: "Artificial Intelligence and automated decision making are transforming the world. But too often these technologies are developed without consideration for the individuals and communities they affect. This means AI can exacerbate existing social justice challenges."

Hey! I noticed this is your first comment and wanted to try to explain why you got some negative karma there: I think this might not be the best place for you to ask those questions, since they're the online team rather than introductory-type community builders. 

Here are a couple of links that might help you with your question: the "Learn" section on effectivealtruism.org and the EA virtual intro program.

Cool to see that AMA, big fan of that team! 

Apart from LW, what are some other forums you take inspiration from? Curious about features you implemented inspired by those forums (or you still want to implement), culture, etc

I believe we should be less concerned in comparison to other phases, but I also believe we shouldn't be overly unconcerned. We can still screw up in several ways and e.g., direct people to ineffective avenues, poison the well, etc. I think we're in a pivotal moment that requires attention and carefulness to mitigate the chances of a suboptimal lock-in.

Thanks, Luke. 

I quite like the pins and agree celebrations have the potential to boost adhere (or at least make adherence more public/legible) – cool that you're working on this!

How worth you think it is community builders emphasizing GWWC as a milestone/next step? I’m also curious about how your view on this evolved over time (my sense is that it was a more emphasized milestone in the past)

I wanted something like that - I feel like I’m subconsciously more willing to read posts in that front end. Thanks for sharing it.

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