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Yep—and in particular, they are looking to hire people who do well on their Preparedness challenge: https://openai.com/form/preparedness-challenge. So if you're interested, try that out!

Ah sweet, thank you! Didn't know this existed, glad to see it and just used it :)

Ah sweet, thank you! Didn't know this existed, glad to see it and just used it :)

Would it be possible for the EA forum to add footnote functionality? Thanks!

That's really cool to hear! Excited about your work!

This is a blog post and we meant to reference a month from when we published the blog post. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for your comment Odin! At this point, we've finished considering regranting expressions of interest and have invited the regrantors for the initial test.

We’re planning to invite additional regrantors by the end of this month or so. We are evaluating regrantor expressions of interest/referrals for regrantors on a rolling basis, so please send these in as soon as possible.

You are welcome to apply now!

Regrantors are able to make grants to people they know (in fact, having a diverse network is part of what makes for an effective regrantor); they just have to disclose if there's a conflict of interest, and we may reject a grant if we don't feel comfortable with it on those grounds. 

We don't currently have a network for regrantors that is open for external people to join.

Thanks! We are not planning to publish the list of regrantors for now.

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