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I'm a  science journalist turned research communicator & speaker.
I manage my local group's library and organize Albert Schweitzer Foundation's local chapter. I am a former co-organizer of EA Bonn.

How others can help me

I am looking for opportunities to write about EA.

How I can help others

I can help you to put your EA-related ideas into written form or help to plan your (org's) PR strategy and materials. I can create your (org's) marketing materials for print, web & socials. This includes press releases, web copy, ads, brochures, flyers, white papers and social media posts (twitter/ Mastodon, Instagram/ Pixelfed, facebook etc.).


I would love to use the RSS feeds to listen to the posts via my favorite podcatcher, but: The RSS-feed for both (Curated & Popular/ All) linked above is identical. Can you fix that? Thank you :)

Answer by Lia2

EAs experiencing ableism: How do you feel about the use of QALYs (Quality-Adjusted Life Year) and DALYs (Disability-Adjusted Life Year) to measure impact? Are there other concepts you would prefer?