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Coronavirus Research Ideas for EAs

I'd be interested in joining the Slack group

What are the key ongoing debates in EA?

I'd like to take Buck's side of the bet as well if you're willing to bet more

COVID-19 brief for friends and family

What was her rationale for prioritizing hand soap over food?

Is vegetarianism/veganism growing more partisan over time?

It's probably the lizardman constant showing up again -- if ~5% of people answer randomly and <5% of the population are actually veg*ns, then many of the self-reported veg*ns will have been people who answered randomly.

Love seems like a high priority

I think it's misleading to call that evidence that marriage causes shorter lifespans (not sure if that's your intention)

Love seems like a high priority

Do you have a link and/or a brief explanation of how they convincingly established causality for the "married women have shorter lives" claim?

Love seems like a high priority

The next logical step is to evaluate the novel ideas, though, where a "cadre of uber-rational people" would be quite useful IMHO. In particular, a small group of very good evaluators seems much better than a large group of less epistemically rational evaluators who could be collectively swayed by bad reasoning.

[AN #80]: Why AI risk might be solved without additional intervention from longtermists

I think the argument is that we don't know how much expected value is left, but our decisions will have a much higher expected impact if the future is high-EV, so we should make decisions that would be very good conditional on the future being high-EV.

8 things I believe about climate change

Have you read this paper suggesting that there is no good evidence of a connection between climate change and the Syrian war? I found it quite persuasive.

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