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Some potential lessons from Carrick’s Congressional bid

17.4% of the citizen voting age population of OR-6 is Hispanic

Some potential lessons from Carrick’s Congressional bid

So now that it's over, can someone explain what the heck was up with SBF donating $6m to HMP in exchange for a $1m donation to Flynn? From an outside perspective it seems tailor made to look vaguely suspicious and generate bad press, without seeming to produce any tangible benefits for Flynn or EA. 

Biblical advice for people with short AI timelines

It seems like these observations could be equally explained by Paul correctly having high credence in long timelines, and giving advice that is appropriate in worlds where long timelines are true, without explicitly trying to persuade people of his views on timelines. Given that, I'm not sure there's any strong evidence that this is good advice to keep in mind when you actually do have short timelines, regardless of your views on the Bible.

Coronavirus Research Ideas for EAs

I'd be interested in joining the Slack group

What are the key ongoing debates in EA?

I'd like to take Buck's side of the bet as well if you're willing to bet more

COVID-19 brief for friends and family

What was her rationale for prioritizing hand soap over food?

Is vegetarianism/veganism growing more partisan over time?

It's probably the lizardman constant showing up again -- if ~5% of people answer randomly and <5% of the population are actually veg*ns, then many of the self-reported veg*ns will have been people who answered randomly.

Love seems like a high priority

I think it's misleading to call that evidence that marriage causes shorter lifespans (not sure if that's your intention)

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