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2017 AI Safety Literature Review and Charity Comparison

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! Very informative and helpful!

Why you should consider going to EA Global

Thanks for linking my Murphyjitsu write-up!

Slight correction to TAP's: They're typically referred to as "Trigger Action Plans" (and not 'potentials').

Concrete project lists

Just want to respond that I'd be interested in doing this sort of thing for a short period of time (a few months) to test to waters.

What Should the Average EA Do About AI Alignment?

Thank you for writing this up. I haven't spent cycles thinking this through, but my first glance says that this hits a lot of obvious avenues, which seems good.

I think I had a disjoint model of most of the things above, but it was all scattered and not consolidated. Putting them together (so that learning more, coordination, donating, gruntwork are all here) was a good way for me to update my own thoughts.

What Should the Average EA Do About AI Alignment?

I'm sure what their respective funding constraints are.

Should there be a "not" in the middle here, or are you just saying that you have good info on their funding situation?

An EA at a CFAR Rationality Workshop: Thoughts and Review

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to give more background on your thinking process!

It was helpful to see your overall thoughts on ways CFAR can make a case for EA's to attend, given their understanding of measuring impact.

An EA at a CFAR Rationality Workshop: Thoughts and Review

Hi Evan!

You bring up some good points about quantifying CFAR's relative impact, which I would like to see them address in the near-future, especially given their connection to EA.

It sounds like your own CFAR experience wasn't exactly helpful in the way you expected it to be. Could you talk a little more about that? I'd be interested in hearing how your actual results stacked up with your expectations.

Lastly, as just a little note, university here in the US is more expensive than Canada, in case you were wondering.

A year at a public university for an in-state student is about $9,000, while a year at a private institution averages about $32,000.

(It is around $3,000 for 1 year at a 2-year college, but I'm not sure that's what you had in mind when you talked about universities. The courses offered at the 2-year college tend to have less of the high-level courses in the fields you mentioned above, like CS, econ, and moral philosophy)

Link here (