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Open and Welcome Thread: August 2020

Hi all! I'm Litawn. I found EA through my interest in rationality (Lesswrong, SSC). I was involved with Stanford Effective Altruism, but mostly am a serial lurker. I want to start engaging more with the community and EA in general, as I can see that there is a lot to learn.

My interests are usually in fundamental questions as well as pragmatic ones. I like thinking about big questions like the far future, the fate of the universe, nature of life, etc. I'm inherently drawn to these sorts of things.

I also care about improving human coordination and raising the sanity water line. I want more people to feel like they have the ability to make a positive difference, and for their efforts to be fruitful.

5Aaron Gertler1yHello! It's good to have you here, as a lurker or a poster. I wish people used the phrase "sanity waterline" more; that may be my favorite part of the old-school CFAR mission (whether or not it's still relevant to their work now).

Hi Litawn! Hope you've enjoyed the lurker life, and that you'll enjoy engaging more in future :)

And I look forward to maybe seeing your comments or posts on those big questions!

Covid offsets and carbon offsets

Some thoughts:

There may be more of a personal incentive to avoid COVID-19 than can be assumed from looking at mortality gradients with respect to age and health. SARS-1 has documented long-term effects that range from permanent lung damage to chronic fatigue; there's compelling reasons not to get involved with our current mass SARS-2 experiment. In general, recovering from a virus is not necessarily smooth, see viral meningitis.

I think it's interesting to compare offsetting with climate change and this pandemic. I'm no expert on modeling the... (read more)