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There are psychopath and sociopath personality type people who go into the non-profit and charity sector to grift off of the donations, and usually you would never know unless you knew these people and investigated them behind the scenes. The usual CPA audits of non-profits do not detect this type of fraud, so keep in mind that most people who work or run charities just end up pocketing most of the money, sometimes even the official numbers are like 90% going toward official advertising and administration, but then unofficially they can grift through check fraud, kick backs from contractors, diversion of the things the funds were spent on, etc. They are smart and make it look so good on the surface and even to an audit that you would never know, unless you worked with these people for a long time and observed them. So if you are donating to a charity, chances are that only 10% of your donation reaches the target, while most of your donation may be going toward funding the charity's workers' real estate side business, SUV, kid college, etc. I'm speaking from experience working in official non-profits and speaking with people who worked inside charities such as breast cancer charity, affordable & homeless housing, etc in the Boston area and in the US.