Run the data and research atCA Good Government Organization
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My dog's name is Scout. Yes that's a daily reminder to maintain a Scout rather than Soldier's mindset.  A bit of backstory: Out of grad school, several friends and I launched a public data nonprofit, with seed funding from the Knight Foundation and a coalition of visionary water managers that believed in our vision of public data infrastructure. You can learn more about our water data work at theCaDC.org


I led that team, setting the project vision, building the initial tools, hiring and growing the team, responding to client needs and feature requests, and managing the project for five years. Those analytics helped our partners save over $20 million in avoided capital costs, informed the optimization of almost half a billion dollars in turf rebates and delivered California’s first ever statewide water efficiency benchmarks (for <5% the state government budgeted). The project has continued to enjoy steady, sustainable growth -- a rarity in gov tech! 


In 2019, I left the organization in good hands and joined California Forward, where I currently run the data and research for the organization. There I lead the development of our California Dream Index (“CDI”) and broader initiative to ground policy with evidence. When I joined, the CDI was a concept that had been discussed for the previous three years. Within six months starting, I was able to execute and launch the initial analytics product at our flagship annual event.

I have also led research and development for a measure of high wage jobs produced across California. Together with the CDI, these data are critical for tracking the state's transition to a decarbonized economy. At CA FWD, I have also had a unique vantage point to participate in leading climate policy discussions through our workgroups and unique convenings like a deliberative poll on climate policy. 

How others can help me

DMs open for gigs and job opportunities.

How I can help others

Reach out if you're interested in civic / gov / urban tech, the data for good movement and pioneering digitally native public institutions

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People in bunkers, "sardines" and why biorisks may be overrated as a global priority

This post would benefit from an analysis of the relative likelihood of a biorisk and malevolent AI risk. 

Open Thread: Spring 2022

How do EA's in SF think about local civic action and altruism? That seems a priori like a place with A) a lot of EAs and B) a place with LOTs of local problems. Here's a good Atlantic article that's worth reading in full on the problems of SF:  theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2022/06/how-san-francisco-became-failed-city/661199/


And for reference here's a post I penned recently in response to the call for EA critiques that emphasizes the importance of local as well as global altruistic action: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/posts/LnuuN7zuBSZvEo845/why-the-ea-aversion-to-local-altruistic-action

Open Thread: Spring 2022

Tbh the whole piece is my go to for skepticism about AI. In particular, the analogy with alchemy seems apropos given that concepts like sentience are very ill posed.


What would you say are good places to get up to speed on what we've learned about AI risk and the alignment problem in the past 8 years? Thanks much! 

The totalitarian implications of Effective Altruism

Strong EA "doing the most good", which has risks of slipping to "at any cost" and thus totalitarianism as you say, perhaps should be called "optimized altruism."

What Is Most Important For Your Productivity?

Thanks for sharing. I'd emphasize that good sleep is underrated! 

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How do you create a handy sidebar table of contents on a post?

Introduction to Non-EA International Charity Orgs.

There's also very much a generational issue with these established organizations and EA, which seems to be a younger set looking through the annual surveys. 

I could see two potential prongs:

  1. doing a thorough study and survey of these organizations to surface more formally lessons learned for EA (maybe worth the time / investment, maybe not)
  2. partnering strategically with a subset of these more established orgs. Rotary makes a lot of sense intuitively
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Ah I figured it out! There are sequences! This is amazing! Thank you for this. I'm going to experiment to see if that gets the feature set I'm looking for: https://forum.effectivealtruism.org/library

Again I have to say: this forum is really well done! 

How to use the Forum (table of contents)

Is there a way to do blog chains on the forum?  I'm thinking of something similar to the format on Ribbonfarm.com

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Run the data and research atCA Good Government Organization
Working (6-15 years of experience)