Luca Parodi

I am an ex-management consultant. Two years ago I founded School of Thinking, a rationalist Instagram outreach project with a pretty good track record (280 posts, thousands of stories, and 18.000 followers - all in Italian). I am also part of the EA Italy board and thanks to an Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund grant now I am expanding my project on YouTube and other social media, working on it full time.

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How to set up a UK organisation (Limited Company version)

That's exactly what I need at this exact moment since I am going to establish my company here in the UK. Can I contact you in private to ask more questions? 

As a reference: I will receive a grant from the FFF to launch my social media outreach project globally.

Prioritization Research for Advancing Wisdom and Intelligence

Hi Baptiste! Not even a single connection to the Continental tradition could be found in School of Thinking :D. 

Actually, I have always been pretty clear in defining my approach as strongly analytical/anglo-saxon. Until now, fortunately, I haven't received any particular resistance regarding my approach but mainly positive feedback, probably because most of my followers are into STEM or already into analytical philosophy. 

Open Thread: Spring 2022

Hi Jack. I am really into cognitive enhancement. In 2020 (right before COVID) I did a two months research period at Bernhard Hommel's cognitive enhancement lab in Leiden. While I was a Cognitive Science student in Milan I did an exam with Roberta Ferrucci and one with Alberto Priori, two prominent TDCS as a cognitive enancher experts. At the last EAxOxford I spoke with Anders Sandberg about cognitive enhancement as an EA cause area. All to say that I am interested in what you are doing and that could be valuable to connect more people that are into "serious" (e.g. non risky and unproved biohacking shit) cognitive enhancement research

I feel anxious that there is all this money around. Let's talk about it

I have hang-ups about money in general. For several years after university I lived on about $12k a year (which is low by UK standards, though high by world ones). It's pretty surreal to be able to even consider applying for say 5x this as a salary. It's like going to a fancy restaurant for the first time ("the waiters bring the food to the table?") I just can't shake how surreal this all is.


I grow up in a relatively poor family in Italy. I learned English from scratch at 21. I graduated at 26 (way above the UK/US standards). I was able to survive at uni thanks to scholarships and sacrifices. Exactely one year ago I used to eat everyday in a desolate university canteen in Milan because I didn't have the money to afford to eat out more than twice per month. 

Now I am seriously reasoning about 7 digits funds, renting an office for my project's HQ in central London, and having a salary that is much higher than the sum of all my family's salaries. 

Long story short: yes, that could definitely make someone pretty anxious.

Testing a coherent social media outreach strategy for EA Chapters

It's a good question. The contents will not be the same, the strategy will. The idea is to enable different chapters to create content independently following common guidelines and best practices (in terms of graphics, tone of voice, etc). 

EA Memes Feb 2022

Epistemic status: I re-made this meme to correct a typo and I made another typo. This is probably 'cause (Source: Måneskin) I'm Italiano  

Luca Parodi's Shortform

Writing an introduction to School of Thinking

FTX EA Fellowships

I am considering the option of working on an EA-related full-time project that I will start in December in part remotely as a digital-nomad, especially in order to know people from other EA communities mainly all around Europe.

Prioritization Research for Advancing Wisdom and Intelligence

Since I've been interested in these topics for years (and I have almost started a PhD at Leiden University about this) I am pondering the possibility of writing something in the same cluster of this post but slightly different - e.g. like "The case for cognitive enhancement as a priority cause", a reading list or something like that. 

But before that I want briefly to tell you my story. I think it could be valuable for this conversation by looking at like at a Minimum Viable Product for what you said here

"...For example, we could improve at teaching rationality, or we could make progress on online education..."

Since July 2020 I am running an educational project on Instagram (named @school_of_thinking) with the intention of teaching rationality to the general public (at the moment I have 12.500 follower). Not only rationality, actually, but also critical thinking, decision theory, strategic thinking, epistemology and effective communication. I've been a passive member of the rationalist community for several years and I decided to start this project in part because in Italy (the project is all runned in italian) we lack the critical thinking culture that is present in other anglo-saxon countries. An example of this is that I haven't found on any updated serious textbook on critical thinking written in italian. This project is all EA-value based. 

I've had a constant organic growth, a high and stable engagement rate (between 8% and 15%) and a decent number of positive and unbiased detailed feedbacks. It is all based on some informal pedagogic considerations that I have in mind about how to teach things in general. My idea now is to expand this project into other platforms, to create courses and books and to start a rationalist podcast. 

There will be too much to say about my project, but if anyone want to ask me questions I am completely open.  I also think I will write an entire post about it. 

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