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FYI, this meetup will be announced at ACX, so we can expect more people than usual.

Regarding sharing the event in more public platforms. 

My (never explicit) goal with the Lisbon group has been to connect people who are into EA/Rationality. This doesn't require too much time/energy from me, and I'm ok with doing it, even if not perfectly.

Sharing the events in Meetup/Facebook would bring in people who don't know anything about EA/Rationality (and, from I heard from other people, that are not even interested in knowing about it), and so it would make more sense if the goal was to increase the Lisbon community and letting more people know about it. The above would require more time/energy than I'm willing to spend.  

TBH, I'm only filling the group organizer role because no one else was doing it. :) Happy to pass the torch to someone more component and with more ambitious goals!


Due to being too hot/sunny, changing the meeting spot for this Saturday's meetup:

It's below a bunch of trees, in the stop of a hill, that should give us plenty of shadow.

FYI, the audio on the recording is slightly weird. :)