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FTX EA Fellowships

Interesting! It sounds like you'll have more rounds of this program later. E.g. in a year? How likely is that, would you now say?

Introducing Healthier Hens

Done, thanks so much for sharing --alex--!

Why we want to start a charity fortifying feed for hens (founders needed)

This is great stuff, Karolina! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. 

Why we want to start a charity fortifying feed for hens (founders needed)

Thanks for sharing and all of your great work! I still find estimating and comparing cost-effectiveness difficult to grasp, but, roughly, how would you say the potential cost-effectiveness of such an intervention (i.e. 12 welfare points per dollar) compare to that of cage-free campaigns (as defined in )? Thanks! 

AMA: Lewis Bollard, Open Philanthropy

It seems that at least some European countries are seriously considering a meat/climate impact tax. What impact, do you expect, this could have? Do any unexpected potential flow-through effects come to mind?

AMA: Lewis Bollard, Open Philanthropy

Which issues/cause areas, do you think, could benefit the most from undercover investigation footage?

The potential to reduce the suffering of animals living in the wild by using eDNA sampling


I'm seeing more and more being published on various photonics/plasmonics techniques. Could be promising. I'm hearing the ultimate goal is on-site, rapid automatic pathogen identification at <5 euro/sample.

Insects raised for food and feed — global scale, practices, and policy

Thanks for your great work! With respect to "Farmers reported that insects, especially crickets, will eat other insects if not provided an outside source of chitin.", do producers use insect-derived chitin as a supplement? If so, do you have a published reference for this?

Do you know how small of a fraction of your presented figures are animals kept alive for breeding (e.g. adult flies or mealworm beetles)? Do you know anything about their lifespans/mortality/fate? Thanks!

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