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Is it just me or is the map image link broken?

Definitely... We expected no effect at worst, so at least it was trialled small and in a well-controlled manner! Do share if you have opportunities, so that it's not repeated or rolled out somewhere. Thanks!

We'll see what the data show and post an update once we make a decision.

Thanks for the feedback Tristan. Yes, really happy with the hire!

Great idea with the narrative-type write-up! I definitely see how it could read better.

Thanks for your support, Charles! Y2 should really give us more insight into what's possible.

Thanks for sharing this - interesting! Would your opinion on the mandatory use of CCTV change significantly if you considered on-farm CCTV instead?

Thanks for the feedback, pete! I've just gotten rid of AW. We'll read it once more to see where we can reduce the use of some of the others, too.

Interesting! It sounds like you'll have more rounds of this program later. E.g. in a year? How likely is that, would you now say?

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