New member--essential reading and unwritten rules?

I thank you for your welcome, and your magnanimity, and the sentiment.

Though, I'm being honest--radically honest, as some are inclined to be when pseudonymous--when I say that I've only "achieved" two things: I've lucked into better than average genes and memes, and I've persisted long enough to see the sun set an arbitrary number of times. I didn't do much of anything to make my life better or to rise above my circumstances--I just ran out the clock. In a sense I've lived a hard life, but in no sense a difficult one. (But praise Pelor am I glad to have finally made it out that utter slog of a game tutorial--whoever designed it has no idea how pacing even works.)

New member--essential reading and unwritten rules?

Thank you for the warm welcome and the advice--I just made an account on Coursera's website and am enrolled in the course you recommended. (On the presumption that the certificate isn't worth the ink I'd have to print it with, I opted not to pay for the course--if I exist mortal error plz do tell.)

I've already read what 80,000 Hours had to say about being successful--applying it, now that will be the truer test.

New member--essential reading and unwritten rules?

That's good news for the old self esteem--now I'm smiling too!

New member--essential reading and unwritten rules?

Thank you for the kind words and actionable advice.

I already had the vague idea to organize a student group when the current pandemic plaguing us is resolved--following advice I found on 80,000 Hours for students while in school--but I didn't know where to even begin doing it, and so I had no real plans. Now that I've read a case study or so, I want to have the student group up and running when the fall semester starts.

So, again, thank you.