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Would any EA chapters like help running an AdWords grants account?

Thanks David! I believe I've fixed the error now, in case anyone else is experiencing this. I'll email you shortly David :)

Would any EA chapters like help running an AdWords grants account?

Thanks! Peter's links have some great advice for getting started with grants accounts. We're currently drafting an article about some of the extra things we did and which would be useful for managing EA accounts :)

Cause Area: Human Rights in North Korea

One might also try to devise of ways to supply the population with foreign currency to give more of them access to the “gray market” in North Korea and to allow more people to buy themselves free of prosecution thanks to the ubiquitous corruption in the country.

This is a really interesting idea.

Improving the Effectiveness of Effective Altruism Outreach

Research shows that people desire social affiliation with people they like. This is part of the reason why as part of Intentional Insights, we are focusing on secular people as our first target audience.

This is a great point, thanks for sharing

Review of EA Global 2016 Marketing

This is a super interesting archive article, did you consider using Google AdWords grants programme?

How to Measure and Optimize EA Marketing

This a really informative guide, thanks for sharing!