Maja Laura (EAPL)

President @ Effective Altruism Poland
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Maja Laura Jaryczewska (23)

Hi! I am Maja Laura. I am an artist and organizer of EA Poland. This year, as Maja Laura, I released my debut album „Bardo”. I own the record label Maja Laura Records and music / visual Studio in Warsaw „Stalowa Studio” („Steel Studio”). Now I do music for audiobooks and theathers. I study on Academy of Music in Gdansk. In the „doing good” context, I grow from animal rights movement. As ternager I was volunteering in Open Cages in Anima International. Then I shifted to EA Poland and now I am the main organizer of this group (since over one year). I am GWWC Ambassador and CE Incubatee. Now, with Dusan Nesic we start a project „spEAk”, which essence is to train and train-trainers EAs in public speaking, communications, personal confidence. I am interested in almost every area EA represents, but now especially communications, community building, policy-making, nuclear, global safety & peace, mental health, global priorities research. I am Zen Buddhism practitioner

How others can help me

I would be happy to join internship / course  or just help in research or work in some nuclear safety initiative

How I can help others

I can share my experience in community building, media, mental health disorders