Maksym Makarenko

Founder @ EA Ukraine
17 karmaJoined Working (0-5 years)Seeking workPursuing an undergraduate degree




- try (struggle) to build EA Ukraine
- relentlessly looking for an EA-job. Located in Kraków
- starting BA/BSc this year (major Econ)

- worked as a Research Assistant in Psy for 1y

- keen on risks from malevolent actors

- volunteer at Effective Thesis

- interested in many areas + have no expertise in any yet:)



Gratitude I'm Enough Socially Confident to Express:

Thank you

Riya, I wish you resilience, and thank you for your endeavors!
I suffer from BPD too, and want you to know: what you do matters!

Though I'm not sure about the answer to your question, lest helping you get a job, while struggling with it on my own, you may search the next materials and maybe seek advice there:

It's a great table, Joe. I (and the EA world) lacked it :)

I suggest adding such skills: "Graphic design", "Illustration", "Facilitation"
And I would love to help you edit the table!