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See you tonight! We'll most likely sit by the table directly at the entrance.

Edit: moved from Thursday to Wednesday

See you in half an hour!

Thank you!

Regarding point 5, I would also recommend Last I checked, I found it more useful than ConnectedPapers, and about as useful as Elicit (with each of those tools having different strengths). I find ResearchRabbit to be especially effective at discovering relevant literature, even when starting out with very few or just one single paper(s).

Unfortunately, I (the organizer) just got sick and can't be there tonight. However, I decided to leave this up. If you decide last minute that you want to join, you can still come to Expertise - it's just that I won't be there. I emailed everyone who RSVP'd until now to let them know.

A starting point may be these two posts on an adversarial collaboration contest from 2019: and

There aren't too many insights relating directly to scaling, however. Important takeaways seem to be (a) it's a lot of work to coordinate, (b) lots of teams dropped out and (c) providing a template and perhaps some formatting instructions may be useful.

Hi Felix,

Thank you for your kind and helpful reply! I'll send you a private message regarding your offers.

Cheerio Malte

Edit: There is now a local EA group in Braunschweig: I'm leaving this comment here mostly so that people stumble upon it if they search the forum for Braunschweig (or Wolfsburg). If you read this and are from the Braunschweig area, get in touch! =)

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum.

Having read a few forum posts over the past couple of weeks, I wanted to become a bit more active and start commenting.

I've recently started the process of reviewing EA career options (over at 80k hours), and plan to pivot to a more EA-aligned role in a year or so. I've studied mechanical engineering, and I'm currently pursuing a PhD related to engineering and climate change. Also, I'm in the process of becoming a certified systemic coach (for coaching individuals and teams). I live in Braunschweig, Germany.

Looking forward to get in touch with people here, to get ideas about a new job/role, and to interesting discussions!