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Studied Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc.) with a focus on Renewable Energy Technologies (M.Sc.) at RWTH Aachen and wanted to work on Climate Change Mitigation. 4+ years of active involvement with the EA local group in Aachen. In mid-November joined EA Switzerland as Director. Happy to talk about all that. 

How others can help me

  • Discuss best practices in (national) Community Building.

How I can help others

  • EA Movement Building (local group and national level)
  • Talk about Renewable Energy Technologies and Climate Change Mitigation.


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Thank you very much for sharing this! I just skimmed it and will come back to study it in more detail when thinking about EA Switzerland's strategy. Looking forward to seeing you execute this strategy and to exploring synergies between the German-speaking EA community! :-)

Just a short comment: I liked your Polis poll in this post a lot! I would like to  see more polls like this in order to get a better understand of what "the EA community" thinks about certain topics, instead of having to rely on annecdotes by EAs who are willing and motivated enough to write a EAF post. Adding a Polis poll might even become a good practice for EAF posts where someone annecdotally describes their opinion. As soon as some enough results for the poll come in, the author could even add some findings into their post  (e.g. "[Poll Result: XYZ]").