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Rationality as an EA Cause Area

Haha! Bulls Eye!

It actually was around october that i found by googling reason vs. emotion. I friended Spencer Greenberg on FB and asked him if there was some movement/community around this.

He advised me to check out RATIONALISM, LW and EA.

Just check my above posts if you please, I hope i finde the time to post a new version of RATIONALITY FOR THE MASSES here soon...

What is your background? (ie. why are you not like those LW folks?)

I mean: I am so reliefed to get some positive feedbacks here, while LW only gave me ignorance and disqualification...

Rationality as an EA Cause Area
perhaps this would make it easier for someone unaligned to develop an AGI which turns out poorly

Not the way I have figured out.

Again you seem to be too focussed on LW.

Of course, because there hardly is anything else out there.

But I started unbiasing in 1983 when most of those folks weren't even born yet.

I took me 30 years, but living rationality is a totally different thing than reading and writing about it!

Jeeez, can't wait to make this post...

Rationality as an EA Cause Area
This project wouldn't succeed without buy-in from the LW community.

I don't think such LW will even be directly involved or of much support.

I want to buy-in / talk-in these guys:

I guess you heared of Simon Sinek, Denzel Wahsington... :-)

This video has 14M views and it is neither well produced nor really streamlined or dedicated!

But it dwarfs LW or anyting around it.

Rationality as an EA Cause Area

I think the whole thing has to go way beyond biases and the like.

You have to know how to pick up folks and make them stick.

All that LW stuff, as true as it may be, is perfect to actually chase folks away.

Even the word "rationalism" (just like any other term ending in 'ism') has to be largely avoided, even if you are only aiming at innovators, let alone early adopters.

This marketing strategy is probably more critical than the content itself...

Rationality as an EA Cause Area

You can bet I will be pursuing this vision.

I only heard about LW / EA etc a few months ago.

I was VERY surprised no one has done it before. I basically only asked around to

(Now that I got a taste of the LW community I am a little less surprised, though... :-) )

The closest NGO I could find so far is InIn, but they still have a different focus.

And even this forum here was rather hidden...


Your response is the first/only ENCOURAGING one I got so far.

If you happen to remember anyone who was even only writing about this somewhere, let me know.

Rationality as an EA Cause Area
the rationality community is still much less than what it could have been

I couldn't agree more.

I believe that rationality (incl. emotional intelligence etc.) is the key to a better version of mankind.

I expressed this in several LW posts / comments, eg.:

I am looking for people to assist me in creating an online step by step guide to

  • rationality
  • self reflection / empathy
  • emotional intelligence
  • brain debugging
  • reason vs. emotion
  • (low) self esteem

Such guide should start from zero should be somewhat easier to access than LW.

More details in above LW posts.

I have many ideas / concepts around such project and want to discuss them in some kind of workgroup or forum, whatever works best.

I will start an own threat about this here later, depending on feedback on this comment.

Thanks, Marcus.