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Fair, at the time, in late July, the NHS didn't have anything on MSM. The WHO and CDC continue not to. Those were the sources I checked.

"Comes across as a disregard to the LGBTQ community. Mostly because of the historical context in which we live."

I tried to strike a bit of a balance. Current reporting on monkeypox, particularly from government agencies/public health officials have been pretty terrible, trying to downplay that MPXV is predominantly spreading through sexual activity between men. It has improved a bit but the CDC website, right now, says absolutely nothing about it spreading through MSM. This is so egregiously misleading it amounts to misinformation.

Is it a simple solution?

I made this post because Linch asked me to research a bit and then write up what I found. We had a brief call about what he was thinking and wanted covered and among them was if it was worth it to try and stop the spread by paying people to refrain temporarily. This isn't a crazy idea. If we were very early on, I might even recommend this course of action. It's a simple solution insofar as it is pretty simple to describe and if funded, could be put together quickly. Identify those most likely to spread the disease and pay them $25/day to not have sex (or just have sex with a single partner). I suggest this is no longer possible. Nonetheless, this shouldn't be thought of as an STI. Using protection (condoms, etc.) would do approximately nothing in my estimation and monkeypox is not an STI, it is simply spreading primarily at this point through gay sex and wouldn't come up on a test for STIs.

You can definitely get access to Glenn Greenwald and this is definitely something he'd be willing to report on.

Unfortunately, I think this isn't far off. I am in the process of writing my first EA forum post and it specifically has to do with this. The amount of money moved by EA is currently extremely tied to the performance of Facebook. With approximately yearly major public image issues (Cambridge Analytica, political advertising, etc.), an increasing number of people leaving the platform and new generations not using Facebook, this is most definitely a concern. I am suggesting something to the effect of hedging against Facebook stock. (I don't know the state of Dustin's finances but I assume it is heavily correlated with FB stock.)