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Sorry for the late reply, I need to change my notification settings! 

In theory, anything that reduces CO2 in the atmosphere and is labeled as such would work for my purposes. I know political advocacy and research can also move the needle, but that's not so easily "marketable" for my purposes (i.e. it's difficult to attribute causes and quantify the effects).

I'll look over the links provided regardless, maybe it's something I can work with, thanks! 

Ever since I started blogging, I noticed I run into many of the problems you described. Wicked topics with a lot of nuance + me being human (procrastinating, feeling stuck, questioning my worth because of what I'm trying to say feels worthless/redundant/waste of time etc.) = demoralization, lack of drive to tackle wicked problems in the future, depression. 

Two of your points especially stuck with me: First is to constantly refine the question one is trying to answer, whittling it down to manageable proportions, and avoiding all-encompassing conclusions. It's funny how something that looks manageable from the outset gets really complex really fast. 

The second is the self-preservation and hubris, the "return to fight another day" kind of mindset. For me, the biggest problem is that I seem to automatically compare myself to some unknown person that is super productive, focused, and well-versed in many topics. As a result, I'm always "lacking" something. The mindset of affirming yourself that whatever you're trying to say is worthwhile, even if it doesn't look like it at the moment, is helpful. Of course, as you wrote in the last paragraph, I think there needs to be balance between hubris and being critical of one's work. 

Thanks for this one!