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Answer by MariaApr 05, 20215

Hello Ben! 

I manage the 80,000 Hours job board–I was on leave which is why I didn't reply earlier. As people already noted, I think the best thing to do when you discover a good role is to post it on the EA jobs facebook group.

Unfortunately, we're sticking to the policy of asking people not to contact us about particular vacancies. I understand this can be frustrating or come across as inefficient. But it's actually a compromise we have to make in order to keep the resources we expend on the board to a level we think is cost effective. 

If in the future we end up setting up a system for people to submit specific roles to us, this section of our FAQ would be updated with that.

I designed the charts, and am glad you appreciate them! I just used Adobe Illustrator, which is one of the best graphic design/vector-based programs. But in terms of creating something similar, it's a bit more about learning some graphic design than it is about knowing any particular set of steps or software.

It's not super hard to get good at making clean and clear data visualizations. I encourage you to just try some not-too-limiting software (like illustrator), arm yourself with it's user manual, some youtube tutorials, and references of visualizations you think are pleasant, and then simply play with some of your data to try and make it feel pleasant.