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Apart from funding, are there other leverage points you see to move the animal welfare movement as a whole towards higher impact? As an example scenario: early hits causing other organisations to alter their strategy?

How do you see Open. Phil's focus on farm animal welfare evolving in the coming years vs other focus areas?

Can you please summarise/suggest top funding opportunities for individual donors by region?

Are there any specific cases / guidelines where you think it might be better for individual donors to donate to specific animal welfare organisations directly rather than the EA animal welfare fund? (apart from perhaps tax reasons)

What are some meaningful ways in which local groups can contribute to the animal movement?

Please ignore - see that the linked report has the test results.


Curious to know what the outcomes of the beta test were?

Answer by Mappy3

The suggestions below aren't particularly EA-aligned but might interest you. Note that I am not a data scientist and haven't worked with any of them.

  1. https://www.ideas42.org/ seem to work in your area of interest. I don't know if they would offer projects to work on though.

  2. https://omdena.com/ has interesting data for good projects and can be a good place to build a data science portfolio (my partner volunteers for them and is quite satisfied with the experience).

  3. https://www.drivendata.org/ has data for good challenges that might interest you.

Hope this helps.

Hello Simon,

I am speculating here, but I can imagine orgs such as Founders Pledge/Effective Giving/Orgs dealing with HNW, UHNW individuals having use for content that succinctly conveys key information. Could be something to explore.

All the best!

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