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Effective Altruism Merchandise Ideas

(Hello Fellow EAs, I'm running my own fundraiser for AMF, this is what I sent to friends and family to help educate them on EA, none of this is news to this community I'm sure, just posting to provide context for the campaign's messaging and hoping people will forward the link, or purchase a shirt, it's an experiment so any feedback also welcome:)

Hello Family and Friends!

I'm running a fundraiser for the Against Malaria Foundation...the proceeds from 100 (or more:) of these t-shirts will buy 300 bednets (or more:) per thelifeyoucansave‬.org's impact calculator. Here's the link:

Dr. Christen Lengeler of the Swiss Tropical Institute estimates one life is saved for every 160 bednet years, which would equate to one life saved for every 20 bednets...meaning...we'd be saving 15 real lives (or more!)...all for the price of a few t-shirts...AND helping to spread the word about ‪Effective Altruism‬ by wearing it on our sleeves (for real:).

We CAN make a difference...per a letter by Bill Gates in 2011 on the fight against malaria: "(we're) making very good progress. The death toll, overwhelmingly of young children in Africa, went down from 985,000 in 2000 to 781,000 in 2009. Of the 99 countries with malaria, 43 have decreased cases of the disease by more than 50 percent. Turkmenistan and Morocco were recently declared malaria-free. For these communities the reduction in both death and sickness makes a huge difference. And it is possible only because of increased donor spending, which reached $1.5 billion in 2009."

Thanks for your support!