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I consider myself an active EA, but you provide very little factual information in your introduction, to me almost zero anchoring as to what proto-schisms are you referring to..? Some candidates seems long termism vs. confidently/obviously good charity operations; s-risks × x-risks or hierarchical vs. decentalized ops. I have no clue if/which of those you find painstaking or risky for the continuation of the community.–?

Answer by Martin (Huge) VlachJan 03, 202310

Fresh take on that idea: one-off container with reactive material that will change colour when the container gets unsealed reading in the same manner as litmus paper. Sub-dollar range for each. I'm actually gathering a grant to get started and open to any kind of cooperation.

Answer by Martin (Huge) VlachDec 23, 202210

On par with Ought I'd put Anthropic (AI).

Was the slavery and oppression propagated by the same "memetic evolution" mechanics though?

Feel we should replace that source of funds in some sustainable way. Perhaps build up a good stablecoin eco or robust limit order business. ( Ping me for getting started. )

As this page comes first on Google search for the contest, I'd like to suggest linking the results on the beginning of end of this article now.