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Done. Let us know if you'd like to share some good counterarguments to our current line of thinking and/or alternative ideas on making the best use of EA Resources platform!

Thanks for the kind words and a clarification, Ollie. James' comments were the reason for misattribution, which we corrected. :) Many of us also believe that unless there are exceptionally good opportunities, local groups do better by filling talent gaps and influencing career paths rather than raising funds. By re-publishing the article on Big Match campaign, we wanted to enable more organizers to learn about your past experiences and potentially draw insights useful for their current projects. Feel free to request adding notes, updates or any other actions at any point.

While there is an overlap with CEA's materials, we intend to increase exposure to them (given the value of promoting great content collected and/or produced by CEA), as well as to add more resources from organizers and core teams. Offering them a grassroots platform to exchange diverse perspectives constitutes a primary goal for EA Resources.

Based on the recent EA Survey data, we believe that there's a significant value in fostering coordination and bridging the gap between EA and rationality circles. While these two may often overlap at the local level, our sample indicated that the ratio of people on one platform (EA Forum or LessWrong) to these on both of them is over 2.6:1. In addition, it pointed out to surprisingly low numbers of EAs on Forum (20%) or LW (19%) compared with EA FB (50%) and in groups (40%). From a more personal perspective, chatting with many EA organizers in person taught me that many of them haven't previously heard about important sources like the Slate Star Codex blog, while their questions and intellectual dilemmas were satisfyingly explainable by posts written few years ago. This state of things likely results in missing out on important insights and valuable interactions with a mostly goal-aligned group having useful comparative advantages and a slightly different demographic composition.

Given these, it seems beneficial to encourage non-intrusive cross-posting and linking to each other in the spirit of a more interconnected network. While there might be some benefits to decentralizing the centralization of resources, we obviously intend to stay in touch with each "big player" to avoid duplication of work and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. This is also largely reflected by our choice of a specific niche - providing time- and effort-saving services tailored to the needs of current and future leaders managing local high-impact groups.

Thank you, Ozzie. We agree that this form of feedback is usually more informative and time-efficient for both sides than the written one. As we currently focus on making adjustments based on your commentary, you should be able to see them soon!