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I'm glad you're excited about the project too! I have contacted the organizers to see if they have any collaboration with international organizations and will update this post as soon as I know more.

At least international donations are already easy with Visa/Mastercard, but of course without the "boost" from the employer....

I very much understand your concerns. However, perhaps they are not necessary in this particular case, as the initiative also requires the same strict regulations for all imported meat. Switzerland itself exports practically no meat abroad. In the best case it could even have the opposite effect and even "export" the improved animal welfare regulations, because traders will then look for "cheaper" goods, but they still have to comply with the animal welfare regulations.

Just imagine what kind of impact such a change in the law would (will?) have in a really big economy like Germany, for example. Not that I would consider that anywhere near realistic at the moment....

That woud be amazing!  I'm not well connected within the EA community so if somebody can help out with this that would be awesome!

On buying policy change:

The swiss non-factory farming ballot is actually coming this september and additional funding could greatly help to change the outcome. I copy+paste the reddit post I made yesterday with the details here:


A rather revolutionary referendum will take place in Switzerland this fall: The voters will decide whether in the future all livestock farming in Switzerland must at least meet the standards of "Bio Suisse", an organic label with rather strict standards.

I am writing this post because I am convinced that the initiative has a not bad chance to be accepted and a very high expected value. In a representative opinion poll on the launch of the initiative, 59% of the respondents said they were in favor of the initiative.


In Switzerland, 80 million animals are killed every year, which could now at least live and die under completely different conditions. In addition, the appeal abroad should not be underestimated if an entire country adopts such strict husbandry regulations and can show that it is a sustainable model.

Of course, the livestock industry, for its part, is throwing millions into the election campaign, which is why additional financial resources could make a huge difference to the outcome of the vote. The initiative is broadly supported by environmental organizations and led by a professional team.

More information and details for donations:

Campaign website (in German, Italian, French): https://massentierhaltung.ch/

Website of the organization leading the campaign (also in English): https://sentience.ch/en/