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EA Global: London 2022

Can you recommend some affordable places to stay in nearby event venue? 
Is there any slack where we could connect with other attendees?

1Ivan Burduk2mo
Hi Martyna, For accommodation, we can suggest the following options: Hostels St Christophers Inn [] Nightly Rate Estimate: £30.00, dorm shared bathroom Distance to EAG: 7 minute walk Hotels Point A Shoreditch [] Nightly Rate Estimate: £108 Distance to EAG: 7 minute walk The Travelodge, London Central City Road [[0][adults]=1&rooms[0][children]=0] Nightly Rate Estimate: £59, double bed Distance to EAG: 6 minute walk Easy Hotel, Shoreditch [] Nightly Rate Estimate: £80 double bed Distance to EAG: 7 minute walk (More options here [] ) You can connect with other attendees via Swapcard (our event networking app ) - and you'll get more details about this closer to the event. Otherwise, we encourage attendees to use this exact post to connect with other attendees! The aim is to centralize this kind of coordination and discussion around the forum. Sidenote: If you are on Discord, there is an #ea-global channel in the EA Corner [] server. There currently isn't a central workspace on Slack for this. (Disclaimer: I work for CEA and these are my own views, not CEA's).
EAGx Boston T-Shirt Design Competition - closes 6th March

Hi Kaleem, any news on the results? Or when can we expect them?

EAGx Boston T-Shirt Design Competition - closes 6th March

Sent! I sure hope I got the requirements right :D

EAGx Boston T-Shirt Design Competition - closes 6th March

Awesome! And where could I get the conference logo? It should be on the T-shirt, right? :)
Thanks a lot for all the answers!

We don't want the conference logo on the T-shirt - people think it will make attendees less likely to wear it frequently
EAGx Boston T-Shirt Design Competition - closes 6th March

Hi, Are there any requirements for the design, please? Should it include the EA logo? Any specific quote? Use of branding? Area of printing? Will the shirt be gray, black, and/or white? "EAGxBoston 1-3 April 2022" tag should be added?

Hi - thanks for these good questions :) * Ideally the design will have no more than two colors * We already have a conference logo, so you could incorporate the EA logo into your design, but it is not necessary * We don't have a specific requirement for the use of text, or what text to use. * Ideally the design will be for the large front portion of a T shirt * You can choose what single, solid-color T shirt you'd recommend to use, but we won't guarantee the use of that color because of constraints which the vendor might have
We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

I'm so sorry for this delay, but this week was ultra mad, and your questions demand more brainpower than I have left after those few days. :3 I'll make sure to answer this weekend, asap.

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

I hear you! This is a far larger group of EA's than I initially thought. Encouraging and worrying at the same time. Worrying because of possibly missed potential.

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

No worries, thank you so much for the tip. I have not expected to receive so many hints, it's a bit intimidating, but I'm very grateful. :)

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Thank you so much! They have nothing for me atm, but I'm adding them to my watchlist. 

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

I do, but it's too embarrassing to write it in public ;). I have a few that would make me happy too, less embarrassing because a bit more realistic. ;D. I'm a movie maniac, wouldn't mind at all working on streaming services or educational entertainment, or on so-called FUI's. I have a wicked fixation on learning new circumstances of HMI: infotainments are currently on my radar. AR/VR anything! Cyber security, web3, democratizing access to services, and privacy-owning tools - sign me up.

I still want to follow the money, for the actual relevant reasons like ... (read more)

1Yonatan Cale3mo
:) 1) My DM is open to you if you choose to use it, but no pressure 2) Cool domains! Do you have preferences on what would be your profession (or in other words, what kinds of tasks you'd like to do) ? 3) Meaning professions you already know, yes? 4) It's there for you if it sounds like a fun challenge :) I'm also asking it to elicit more information about your desires (which you know and I don't). From that aspect, it would also help me if you'd give partially-wrong answers. For example, for myself, I might enjoy being a doctor because I'd be close to the people that I help but I don't handle blood so well and I don't want to work 26+ hours' shifts (as they do where I live). That kind of answer, now that I told it to you, teaches you something about me
We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Thanks for your support Bingo, this sounds great!

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

I wrote some context in this reply and in a few others, but in general:

  • I'm a User Experience Designer
  • 42 this year
  • Fully mobile, able to relocate anywhere in the world

I made some very bad decisions in the past in regards to my career, because I never had the smallest support or anyone as a mentor. Took a flat mortgage. Struggle to survive 2008 depression in Poland - companies were either fireing or bankrupting and I end up working for 6 months for free until I was let go. Got into money problems with a mortgage and spiking inflation. Migrated to the Czech Re... (read more)

1Yonatan Cale3mo
OMG this sounds so annoying. I would be very happy to see you get out of this if I can May I ask, do you have something like a "dream job" that you'd transition to if you could? If I could give you a pill that would teach you any profession and you'd be good at it, what comes to mind?
We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

I hear you. We all struggle. Young people have it so much harder to enter the job market after graduation., it makes sense to me still, 80k makes sense. But it just shouldn't stop there.

I have the same observations for A) and B). I'm a self-taught UX designer, my masters only loosely correspond to what I do. It's intimidating to see offers for senior positions asking for 7-8 years of experience in the field, while UX studies have only begun to appear in Unis in Poland like maybe a decade ago... 

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Thank you so much TyQ! I'll reach out to Lotte next week, seems like we will have a lot to discuss!

Human-robot-interaction is something I never considered, but it sounds very interesting. HMI is basically the ground for my work, but it is applied very widely, from physical design (elevators, printers, cars) to SW design, and I'm in the second sector atm. But boy, do I dream to get to the first one. 

Do you know of any companies that are hiring HRI designers?

Glad to hear that you found this useful! Sorry, I know nothing about the HRI space :(
We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Oh, this is great, I'm loving so many points, we have similar struggles indeed.

I can certainly imagine looking back at my career and feeling like it was safe and relatively pleasant but never really challenging and never really made a difference.  And I would like to make a difference.  

I went through all stages of grief with my occupation. I struggled with burnout for 7 years. I passionately started to hate a job I loved so much in the beginning. The reason was projects and the sector, maybe similarly like in your case. 

In my case I think t... (read more)

>This kind of support we can give to each other, it doesn't cost a penny to give subjective advice Hi Martyna, I wanted to follow up now that a couple months have passed and see if you were able to get more clarity on your path forward? I can also share what I have decided for now. 1. I think there's a reasonably high chance that I can get a promotion in my current company which would mean a substantial pay increase; I could probably double my donations. I have an interview this week for such a role and have seen a few other openings that could also work so I'm feeling cautiously optimistic. If there are EA "dream jobs" that come up in the meantime I will still apply on the outside chance that I can land one of these roles. 2. I have another project that I'm uniquely well-positioned to pursue and came to light last month. I am going to work on this during my spare time and I think it will take 3-9 months. 3. Those two things are enough for now so I'm going to treat EA as an "interesting hobby" for the time being and just continue learning and reading and making connections so that I can re-evaluate later. By the way, AAC training is Animal Advocacy Careers. Cheers!
We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

I keep on thinking about your comment today. Any chance you could outline your situation, struggle or view on the subject of 40kh? It could actually add a lot of value to hear the perspective or specific situation from others.

I outlined mine in one of the first responses. At first I though it's meaningless in general topic discussion, but now I think that those specific circumstances are making the case.

Please share if you will.

| Okay, I will write it up tomorrow Tomorrow has come. I'm 42, BS in Math, MBA. I am married with two kids in primary school. I have worked in about 6 similar roles for two companies with a title along the lines of actuary or health data analyst or manager, director, vice president of such. I find the work mildly interesting and generally easy. I've earned a lot of money, enough that I could retire now and continue leading a relatively frugal life. My current salary remains high and the job has great benefits, the ones I value the most are the 401K match and the charitable giving match ($15K!). I discovered EA reading Doing Good Better in 2020, but I had gotten some glimpses of it from being vegan and learning about animal activism from 2015 or so. Then in 2021 read a bunch more EA books and became totally sold on the idea. In 2021 I donated $15K to a combination of the Fistula Foundation and a bunch of animal charities, which with the match was $30K. I feel very torn about what to do now. Direct action has a lot of appeal to me. I can certainly imagine looking back at my career and feeling like it was safe and relatively pleasant but never really challenging and never really made a difference. And I would like to make a difference. Even before EA I imagined shifting to something more fulfilling with direct impact. I just completed the AAC training course to try to see if there was a good place for me to fit within one of these animal organizations that I admire. When I examine these thoughts they feel sort of selfish or scary or something. Like, why can't you just play it safe and continue with your high earning career and donate a ton more money and feel good about that? Why put your stability at risk to chase a vision of doing direct good? Some other data points and thoughts that I'm not sure what to do with: 1. In the AAC training they describe the landscape of careers in these organizations and state that leadership is the hardest position to hire fo
We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Joined, but truth be told, I don't have high hopes. From my experience, most of SW-related groups/slacks/discords are rather related to AI, high-impact startups, or ngo projects. I haven't met any uxd's there yet. But thank you!

2Rochelle Harris3mo
GiveDirectly is looking for a UX designer. Look for Senior UX/UI designer at GiveDirectly on LinkedIn. (Unfortunately there's a technical glitch which prevents me from sharing the link.)

I don't know if Sendwave has anything like this currently, but it wouldn't surprise me if they do at some point.

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

You have a valid point, but I guess from my subjective standpoint, it's much less intimidating to discuss my situation in private rather than in public. I started a general thread and now it would turn into self-help off-topic. Already did a little, bit embarrassing to me.

On the other hand, I think it's totally reasonable to continue a discussion of supporting mid/senior EA's with career choices here. Because one-on-ones can help one person. But an actual initiative would help many.

Feel free to PM me too. I'll be happy to chat, brainstorm, share findings from my discussions too. Whatever you might find useful.

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Hi Ian, thank you a lot. I would be very curious to learn from our experience. I heard of the improving institutional decision-making concept, you are right it might be very beneficial for people with similar situations to mine. I'll look into it, and I'll PM you in a moment!

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Oh my, thank you so much for your voice, you've outlined the problem very nicely! 

Yes, exactly. I volunteer in my local/country  - EA PL - within my field of expertise which is UX design. I redesigned our website, and I help with user or even marketing research - but honestly - I can do so much more good with my money donation and climbing the ladder in my profession. I just feel it in my bones - as un-scientifically as it sounds. I even came to the point where I ask myself questions like "Do I volunteer there to actually make any impact, or is i... (read more)

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Hi Devon, it's great that you had time to respond. I love this initiative! I'll dive into HIP as soon as I finish my responses. 

In terms of constraints - salary level is definitely one of the factors, but not the only one. I can move to the moon and back if needed for the right offer, that's how mobile I can be. I kind of developed a framework for what I expect from my next job, but companies' expectations are another story. When you have job, volunteer, have personal duties and obligations it's hard to even complete the resume, and not to mention career strategy. 

I'll ping you in a moment! Thank you for offering that.

We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Thank you so much! I didn't know of HIP, I'll definitely try it out.

Wow, what a great idea with the group, I would love that. I'm a user experience designer, more of a generalist due to several circumstances. I just found out there is a EA Creatives and Communicators Slack  - that's a start but I'm not a content creator, artist, or communicator, I'm much deeper in corporate IT and I'm aiming at hi-tech companies for a number of reasons. If there would be any UX researchers/designers/writers interested in climbing the ladder of hi-tech IT I would be unspeakably happy to join it!

3Chris Leong3mo
You might want to look at Software, Data, and Tech Effective Altruism [].
We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

OK, me back! As for the part about 80k objectives, it's hard for me to tell. I haven't done enough research to have an opinion on that matter. But I guess, influencing anyone with EA values gives a lot of positive returns.

"what high-impact roles could be a great fit for you" 

- That's the thing, I don't fit any of them. I'm a ux/ui designer (I'll post my links on the bottom) and after 2 years of (let's call it) research I realized two things:

  1. In those few companies or orgs that ever posted offers for uxd, UX is not necessarily as impactful or even
... (read more)
We need 40,000h or maybe even 20,000h

Thank you so much for that, I'll get back with my response in a few h if you don't mind.

Request to help choose the best donating scenario

Thank you kindly, this was very helpful, and my friend is already studying the subject too! :)

As for the causes - I don't know yet, because we are discussing in metaphors and on quite a high level for now. But he and his wife are vegans, I know animal welfare is crucial to them, so I would risk saying that this area will be his main focus. 
However, they might be interested in mitigating poverty/healthcare risk areas too, as they became parents recently, and that changes everything as we know. ;)
AI safety, not sure, we didn't discuss existential risks yet. I'm not pushing, just responding to questions for now.