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Why have you entitled it this? I can't find anything about the title on your site. Love shrimp in what way(s)? 

It's so unrealistic for people to claim the abolitionist movement has failed. It's made impressive progress, especially considering the relatively brief time it's been happening. Consider the centuries it's taken for progress with civil rights, womens' rights, gay rights. Just because things are terrible for animals doesn't mean they wouldn't have been even worse were it not for the abolitionist movement. 

Has the campaign sought solely to discourage people from purchasing the carps, or did it also endeavor to urge them to stop consuming any fishes (and other animals)? 

Such apparent suffering as that experienced by the live carps presents an excellent opportunity to engage the public on the issue of cruelty to fishes in general. 

That some surveyed individuals said they'd switch to consuming other fish species doesn't mean the campaign should be abandoned. There should instead be greater emphasis with it in educating people about the cruelty of fish consumption in general, and vegan alternatives to it.