Maryam Ali Khan

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I have a background in Psychology and Psychological Research and I am primarily interested in studying moral judgments and attributions of moral concern. I currently work as a copy-editor for psychological research articles. I also lead the research initiatives of the Muslim Impact Lab, and I am presently volunteering with the Moral Psychology and X-Phi lab at the University of Oxford to conduct AI-related research.

How I can help others

As a Chevening scholar, I can offer some insight into post-grad scholarship applications. I also love talking to people about research ideas, and I'm working on a handbook for moral psychology research methods so hit me up if you'd like access to it, or you'd like to chat about psych research/experiment designs.


TLDR: AI and moral psychology researcher looking for full-time or contract-based work.

Skills & background: I'm currently running studies on moral judgments of AI at the Uehiro Centre. I'm interested in perceptions of AI and related judgments, such as those of risk (e.g., how different are perceptions of risk from AI to risks from nuclear weapons?), the potential harms from AI misuse (and the variety of misuses that will emerge) and how our moral circle will expand towards digital beings. I have a background in experimental psychology and 3+ years of experience in statistics and experiment design. I also work as an editor, mainly editing research articles and manuscripts for publication.

Location/remote: Oxford, UK (with right to work). Willing to work remotely.

Availability & type of work: I'm looking for part-time, full-time and contract-based work. 



Other notes:  I'm primarily interested in research and executive assistant roles that require strong use of my research skills and my writing/editing abilities. I have a preference for roles within the AI Safety/Governance and policy space or animal welfare, but I would be interested in generalist or social science research roles for other cause areas. I would also be open to hearing from people working on similar projects to me (see CV) - if you're unsure whether I would be interested in a role, please feel free to reach out!  

My entries are two short stories set in a world where AI helps a global government effectively run the world. These stories are about dissent, diversity and family.

1. Lesser Equals 

2. My husband says AGI is like a cat - co-written with @rileyharris