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In order to be able to communicate about malaria from a fundraising perspective, it would be amazing if there would be a documentary about malaria. Personal compelling stories that anyone can relate to. Not about the science behind the disease, as that wouldn't work probably. Just like "An inconvenient truth", but then around Malaria. I am truly baffled I can't find anything close to what I was hoping would exist already. Anyone knows why this is? Or am I googling wrong?

Hey David!

Yes, that is a path that we are exploring, and we have a connection to them! However, the KBF (King Bedouin Foundation) main focus at the moment is to facilitate Belgian non-profit organizations or collaborate with similar national organizations within the EEA (European Economic Area) that also have their own national scope. AMF is approved in one of the countries in the EEA and therefor is supported by KBF.

Donations through KBF will make it tax-deductible for Belgians, but KBF will keep 5% as a transaction fee, which isn't ideal yet.

KBF is also the public-facing organization that sticks to the list of recognized Belgian non-profits, but they don't have direct authority of changing who is on the list of those entities, I believe. So we still have some further exploration to do on that front! :)

Ey Denis,

Loving the enthusiasm!

Setting Effectief Geven up as a registered charity and working on the tax-deductability is indeed in the works, but we predict it to be quite likely that this will be such a long term process, that we don't want those plans to slow us down to get the main message out.

Eight is actually a Belgian organisation I think! They do amazing work, but I am not aware if they are/were in the process of being evaluated by a charity evaluator?

Drop us a line on will ya? Would love a chat!

Thanks Mitchell! I didn't realize it's similarity to the Life You Can Save logo until I read your comment. But I am happy with this coincidence!

Thank you for writing and doing this. It moved me to read how putting cold calculations next to your warm personal connection with them is inhumanly strange and absurd. To me it means that I discovered a new priviledge of living in a rich country. Where we can abstract donating behaviour from the decision process of who gets the help.

I kind of look at the EA-principles as a good way of sharpening my intuitions of impact in a far away country. But for you its different: as a medical professional, your intuition of where the most good can be done will be spot on, in comparison to me atleast.

While it's interesting to see the calculations, I would think it's more healthy in your context to stick to your medical intuition in combination to how likely is it that this person will die if you don't help financially.

Thank you for being an amazing person.

I don't know who DeBoer is, but I enjoyed reading about why being weird is practically inevitable even from a historical perspective if you really want to do good. Thanks!

Thank you, how incredibly powerful.