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Oops, thanks. Fixed it to say "Peter Watson". Fortunately Peter Watson is also in the screencap, so I'm leaving that as is.

This question is answered a couple of sentences after the bit you've quoted: "One of them was contacted but didn’t have time to give feedback, and was incorrectly credited in the acknowledgements, which we will change in future editions: this was an honest mistake."


Another falsehood to add to the list of corrections the Bulletin needs to make to the article. In the article, Torres writes,

And in the acknowledgments section, he lists 30 scientists and an entire research group as having been consulted on “climate change” or “climate science.” I wrote to all the scientists MacAskill thanked for providing “feedback and advice,” and the responses were surprising.

However, one of those scientists, Peter Watson, has recently tweeted that Torres did not contact him about the Bulletin article. Torres responds to this claim with an irrelevant question. 

As you can see below, Peter Watson is indeed one of the climate scientists who was thanked. If Watson is correct, then the Bulletin needs to correct Torres's claim to have contacted all the climate scientists who were acknowledged in the book. 

[edit: I originally wrote  and highlighted"Andrew Watson" instead of Peter Watson. Peter Watson, as you can see below, is also acknowledged]

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