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"We will have content there to help people learn about the core concepts behind EA, as well as lots of links to other organisations" One thing psychological research warns about is the "curse of choice" -- give people too many options, and they end up choosing nothing (or they choose the easiest, as per your "give 1% to Oxfam and they're done" example). Organizing the large amount of information and options available such that no one is scared off will be a difficult but vital task.

Great post. As the father of a daughter in her second year of college, I'd make two quick comments:

  1. The cost estimates of raising a child -- at least in our case -- our vastly overblown.
  2. This might be impossible to answer for sure, but seems a more important question than it seems to be given credit: "Finally we may ask whether parenthood – and the resulting person created – will benefit the wider world?" Not that this would be the norm, but because of our daughter, there are many more vegetarians and non-chicken-eating people in the world. At least so far, many people have supported my work and my wife's work in part because of their fondness for our daughter. And, more importantly, she is pursuing a utilitarian career. PS -- Good luck!