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Hello! Love EA and the premise of these funds but find some things about this a bit concerning. A very basic look at your fund payouts to date suggests that of the $7,372,728 donated, $1,655,264 went to CEA affiliate organisations (80,000 Hours, EA Sweden etc.). If true, this would be a whole 22% of your donations going towards affiliates - would be great if the website made it a bit clearer what these grants were for (are they then invested onwards?), and how funding organisations based in the Global North fits the EA criteria of funding for the best impartial good.

Would also be really cool to get more diversity in the fund managers, and some further mechanisms for accountability. Here in the UK you would rarely have such large sums dispersed by only one individual - all decisions would go to a board vote.

Finally, it would be really cool to see some organisations in the Global Health and Development fund that weren't listed in Doing Good Better. Surely the EA movement has uncovered more worthy organisations since 2015??? Not saying that AMF, Deworm the World and others aren't excellent - but it seems they have had the lions share of all EA funding for 4 years now... Does that mean they are still the best use of funds?