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Generated a new EA idea. Readers, please let me know what you think:

EA Ventures once reported that conflict resolution mechanisms are important for project success. I have yet to participate in a project that has discussed conflict resolution. Should we have an independent effective altruism dispute resolution system? For example, a ''court'' of sorts that EA project teams could contractually bind themselves to in order to resolve conflicts in pre-specified ways? Retrospectively, group's working on EA related projects could refer to the advice of the court for independent guidance. A complementary investigatory service could be established to investigate matters of interest to the court, for instance, misuse of funds.

I prefer public conversations for the reasons that Brian Tomasik does.

Can we continue to discuss other considerations here?

I weighed up the pros and cons for an EA PR agency.

What do you think?

Effective public relations (PR) agency?


  • Avoids duplication of effort
  • Facilitates relationships between the community and aligned journalists and thought leaders
  • Consistent branding
  • ?


  • Systemic risk
  • ?